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Our Coaching Staff
Since 2005, a group of highly dedicated and trained individuals have served as coaches for the participants in the Sports Plus basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, gym, track & field, martial arts, fitness and swimming programs. The goal of the coaching staff is to work as a team to provide the best sports and social experience possible for every participant, all while having a lot of fun! Our staff constantly works to engage and instruct the children by alternatively offering help, challenge or even slapstick humor depending upon the needs of the particular participant. They teach sports and athletic skills while also emphasizing the valuable social skills of teamwork, sportsmanship and peer to peer communication. As a result our coaches help to not only increase fitness and athletic skills but also help to build self-esteem, confidence and social skills through sports, play and fun that have lasting benefits far beyond athletic fields, gyms and pools. Our coaching staff brings a great deal of experience and talent from a wide variety of different disciplines that blends together to effectively carry out our class curriculum week after week. They train together and meet on each child every week. We thought you might like to see a summary of some of the collective experience and credentials of those who have served as members of our Sports Plus coaching staff.
  • Five are NSCA Certified Personal Trainers and one is an ASC Certified Trainer
  • Three are former college softball players
  • One is a former college basketball player, one is a former college shot putter, five are former college lacrosse players, four are current college lacrosse players, four are former college swimmers, six are former college soccer players, four are current college soccer players and two have played soccer professionally
  • Seven are special education teachers, six are elementary school teachers, one is secondary school teacher and five are special education instructional assistants for classes of children with autistic spectrum disorders
  • Six have finished marathons and eleven regularly compete in area road races
  • Twenty three have carried out ABA or other therapies for autistic children on a one to one basis
  • Five have been awarded Masters Degrees from George Washington University three in Exercise Science and Nutrition and three in Public Health
  • Four have been awarded Masters Degrees in Education from Johns Hopkins University, Marymount University and American University respectively
  • Four have been awarded Masters Degrees in Special Education
  • One is a certified speech-language pathologist with a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and one is a physical therapist
  • Two are social workers
  • Twelve have autistic children in their families
  • One is a high school softball coach in Virginia and one is a former high school volleyball coach with two years of Junior Olympic volleyball experience
  • Two are children’s party entertainers extraordinaire that have lead hundreds of parties and another has helped lead dozens of children’s parties
  • Twenty-two have extensive coaching experience in neurotypical sports programs for children
  • Eight have earned Water Safety Instructor certifications and twenty eight have earned lifeguard certifications
  • Nine have served as swim coaches for neurotypical swim teams
  • Three are certified yoga instructors and one is a certified BOSU training specialist
  • Four hold black belts in tae kwon do
  • One is a certified Tai Chi instructor